My Brain


What lies ahead? No one knows. We all stare into the abyss of life that we pretend to have figured out. When we lose our way, we look around and only see people with purpose, drive, and confidence. They know what each year, day, second holds.

Until it all changes. I could get up from this chair and know that my next three minutes will be spent in the kitchen, putting the kettle on and selecting my morning tea. I would return to my desk to read a few emails as I wait for the whistle from the stove that will undoubtedly occur in roughly four minutes. When the sound pierces my ears, I will rush to remove the steaming water from the burner, praying my roommates were not awakened by the sound.

But what if those seven minutes occurred differently than I expected? I, being clumsy, could trip as I rise from my chair, breaking a random bone that would result in a hasty ride to the hospital. As I choose my tea, I could receive a call from my mother, delivering unbearable news of some sort, altering my life for an undetermined amount of time. The doorbell could ring, revealing a handsome stranger that would haunt my thoughts for months to come.

What lies ahead? Each second has the potential to shift our reality. Not just for me, for everyone. That businessman rushing to grab a cup of coffee before spending 10 hours at the office. The single mother struggling to survive and provide. The adorable two-year-old, experiencing life for the first time.

No one has life figured out. Those who believe they do are the most foolish of us all.


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